DIY Guides to Sustainable Living

These low cost Do-It-Yourself Guides can save you a ton of money
and help you be kind to the planet at the same time.

FREE Plans for Various Wookworking Projects

Blueprints for Houses, Cabins, Garages & Barns

Blueprints for Sheds, Cabanas, Decks & More

Garage Building 101

Pergola & Sun Trellis Plans

Easy-Build Doghouse Plans

Detailed Boat Plans

Shed Plans & Woodworking Blueprints

Homemade Renewable Solar & Wind Energy

Build A Solar Water Heater System

How To Build A Chicken Coop

Complete Guide To Raising Chickens

Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens

Hydroponic Gardening Guide

Complete Guide To Growing Grapes

Making Compost Without Bins, Turning or Odor

Organic Gardening Guide for Beginners

Build a Backyard Greenhouse

The Business & Biology of Raising Earthworms

Beekeeping For Beginners

Solar Panel & Wind Turbine DIY Guide

Build Your Own Wind & Solar Power System

Convert Your Car To Run On Water

Increase Your Gas Mileage By 30-50%

Guide To Rebuilding a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery