Burn Ointment

This formula is an excellent burn ointment. It is unique in that it is not removed from the injury but left on until healing is complete. The ointment is black, sticky and tar-like. The Wheat germ oil, Comfrey root and honey “feed” the tissue, soothing and promoting cell regeneration. It should be made fresh at the time it is needed. It can be carried in a first-aid kit by keeping the wheat germ oil and honey in one container, and the Comfrey powder in a separate container. If they are stored together the mixture becomes too hard to work with.

1 T. Comfrey root powder
1 T. Wheat germ oil
1 T. honey

Stir all ingredients together and apply thickly to the burn. Wrap in gauze to hold it in place and replenish once or twice daily. Do not wipe the ointment off the skin. After applying, the burn damaged tissue will literally eat it up. Continue with the treatment until the burn is completely healed and it will prevent scarring.

When most of the healing is complete and the skin has reformed and closed with a scab or pinkish red skin and there is no pain, you can use Wheat germ oil or Vitamin E oil alone on the burn site. Keep applying the oil daily until you can no longer identify the burn site.