Hot Onion Poultice

Use this hot onion poultice for deep lung congestion or bronchial inflammation. It can also be used over the ear and lymph nodes for ear infections.

3 large organic onions
Distilled water

Slice onions thinly, and sauté them in a small amount of distilled water until translucent. Fold half the onions in a cotton diaper or hand towel so the folded package is about 8”x8”. Apply to the chest as hot as possible and cover it with 2 large towels to retain the heat. Prepare another package with the remaining onions. When the first poultice is cool, immediately replace it with the second one. After the second poultice cools, gently dry the chest and cover with a blanket.

For ear infections: use the same procedure but make the poultice package smaller.