Tigger Balm

A topical application for soothing sore muscles. This is the herbal version of Tiger Balm. It is also great for colds, congestion, and sinusitis, when applied to the chest and throat.

10 drops essential oil of peppermint
10 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
5 drops essential oil of clove
ΒΌ cup extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil
1 Tbls beeswax

Heat olive oil and beeswax in a double-boiler over low heat. Stir until wax is melted. Remove from heat. Stir in essential oils, and pour into small glass or metal containers to cool.

Note: Commercial Tiger Balm is available in several strengths, you may adjust the quantities of essential oils in this recipe. This recipe calls for essential oils, but extremely strong decoctions of fresh herbs may be used as well by following the directions here:

Combine fresh herbs in a pan with a pint of water; boil to reduce water. Strain. Combine liquid with oil and wax, and continue cooking over low heat until water has evaporated, making sure not to boil the oil. Remove from heat and cool in glass or metal container.